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Eye-catcher with over 140 Griesser sliding elements, Villinki Apartments

The Villinki Apartments in Karlova Ves –Bratislava – are surrounded by countryside and yet are still near the center of Bratislava and the Austrian capitol of Vienna.

The four buildings, facing southwest, are quite a sight with over 140 Griesser sliding shutter elements. The shutters, positioned in front of the balconies, offer both privacy and solar shading while the Model H Wood which was used still allows a defined amount of daylight. In addition to their functional use for shade, the panels are also a very considerable architectural element.

For this project, the Model H Wood was made with an aluminum frame in RAL 7016 matt all around and with ash wood slats, as selected by the customer. The right-angled slats were made according to customer specifications and have the dimensions 40x14 mm. With each floor an average of 2800 mm high, the sliding shutters are a real eye catcher. We made it possible for the architects and owners to have an individual and contemporary design by collaborating with our partner company.

All track material was delivered ahead of time, as requested, so that it could be integrated into the facade ahead of time. In the same way, using various factory prefabrications, we could ensure that installation of the shutters was quick and easy. For instance, we delivered the window shutters with already installed suspension brackets and armature to our partner.



Villinki Apartments


Bratislava, Slovakia

Solar shading solution

Sliding shutters