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One company – two brands.

  • Griesser Aadorf - CH
  • Griesser Aadorf
  • weinor Köln - DE
  • weinor Möckern - DE
  • Griesser Nizza - FR
  • Griesser Wolschwiller - FR

Anton Griesser layed the foundation stone for what has become today's Griesser Group in the Swiss town of Aadorf in 1882. The traditional company, still at this location today, has put its entire experience into the manufacture of innovative and high-quality solar shading products. The Griesser Group meanwhile is now one of the leading providers across Europe of high quality and market-responsive solar shading solutions for windows and patios.

With dedication and enthusiasm, Griesser's approximately 1,300 employees ensure that the outstanding reputation of the two independent brands, Griesser and weinor, are constantly reaffirmed. Griesser and weinor have their own, independent market presence. But the common goal of providing customers with better quality of life unites them.

Griesser fabricates its wide assortment of solar shading products in Switzerland (Aadorf), in Austria (Nenzing) and in France (Nice and Wolschwiller). Griesser is active with its own companies in five countries and represented through partners in 20 others.

weinor manufactures its solar shading and weather protection products for terraces and patios at its parent plant in Cologne and in Möckern. Weinor is actively represented through partners in 32 countries all total.

We look forward to having you contact us. We won't leave you standing in the sun.


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