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A journey into a contemporary and design-oriented universe, Villagio San Cassanio

  • Building object: New construction
  • Living space: 140 m2 per house (4 units)
  • Photos: Barbara Corsico

A residential village has been created in San Cassiano, in Alba. On a small plot of land, four single-family houses are arranged in such a way that the view can be enjoyed in the best possible way. Despite the building density, the four small houses seem far apart.

Each house has the same basic design, but was then further developed according to the different needs and wishes of the four families who live there.

Each building consists of two white parallelepipeds, vertically stacked, interlocking and creating a simple and functional distribution over two floors, with each room facing a different direction and filling with light.

The light that floods the interiors and the purity of the white, seemingly floating volumes are the main elements that characterise this building.

The Metalunic external venetian blinds were chosen as a harmonious complement to this architectural style. They integrate perfectly into the façade and bring thermal and visual comfort to the building.




Villagio San Cassanio


Alba, Italy

Solar shading solution