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Urban architecture meets natural landscape in the heart of Lyon, Residential complex

This 134-apartment social housing development in the famed French city of Lyon was built between 2019 and 2022. Located on Quai Joseph Gillet beside the Saône River, the building is an oasis of calm amid its urban surrounds. And with its inviting modern architecture, it’s an embodiment of access and openness, too.

The building ends somewhat short of its plot boundary to the north, creating a visual space between two key adjacent landscape elements: the Saône River in front and the wooded Croix Rousse hill behind.

All the apartments within the building provide a pleasant living environment, and have been designed to meet their occupants’ needs and deliver both comfort and high functionality. A range of services are also offered to help further promote residents’ happiness and well-being.

The building’s facade features windows of varying sizes that subtly mirror the whirling waters of the Saône and generate their own natural dynamic. To ensure optimum protection from the heat while still giving residents superb vistas from within, Griesser Lamisol venetian blinds have been used. This robust solar shading system with its clear and simple lines permits unobstructed views out, optimally regulates the daylight coming in and is silent in its operation. A total of 239 Griesser Lamisol blinds in beige grey (RAL 7006) have been installed.

The building also boasts its own planted courtyard – a common space that serves as a meeting point for residents to gather, interact and forge and cultivate contacts.



Residential complex


Lyon, France

Solar shading solution



Séméio Architecture