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Stylish Living with Solar Protection from Griesser in Sarrià, Barcelona, Residential complex

The “Edifici Augusta” is a modern residential complex located on the prestigious Vía Augusta in the Sarrià district of Barcelona, a residential area renowned for its high standard of living.

The building is characterized by its sleek design with clean lines and functional elegance. It boasts 4-bedroom apartments with excellent finishings and large windows for plenty of natural light.

The construction company opted for Griesser’s Metalunic external venetian blinds in the day zones and the stackable rolling shutters Rolpac, also from Griesser, in the night zones.

A total of 50 Metalunic and 110 Rolpac, both in anthracite grey RAL 7022, were installed.

The external venetian blinds allow maximum daylight control and an unobstructed view outside. As for the stackable shutters, when compared with “classic rolling shutters”, they offer many other advantages, such as a very small space requirement in the lintel niche, while adapting aesthetically to any type of building.

Both the Metalunic and the Rolpac combine practicality with architectural finesse and blend in perfectly with the smooth finish of the façade. The colour palette chosen for the facade and the solar protection consists of neutral tones with subtle accents which enhances its contemporary style and timeless appeal.

For enhanced comfort of the inhabitants, a motor-driven solar protection was chosen. The property manages them with home automation to create scenarios and better optimize external sunlight.

Many thanks to our partner Aluminios Congost for their confidence in us for this great project.

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Residential complex


Barcelona, Spain

Solar shading solution



Year: 2020


La Llave de Oro