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Exemplary construction (Beispielhaftes Bauen) award, Multiple family dwelling "Am Riedbrunnen"

We would like to congratulate the multiple family dwelling “Am Riedbrunnen” in Nagold of Zweib Architektur for receiving the exemplary construction (Beispielhaftes Bauen) award given by the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects. The property has more than seven apartments and an underground garage.

To highlight the architectonic design of the building, Zwieb Architektur selected pantograph shutters from Griesser. The various opening angles make special lighting and shading effects possible and offer an exciting alternative to sliding and sliding bi-fold shutters with many design options when it comes to color and design. And the latest in electrical drive technology and controls ensures great convenience.

The 122 piece pantograph shutter in gray aluminum with a fine matt structure was ordered as model S-L with SLIM frame and individual laser cut-out. The model S-L is standardly delivered with an extrusion profile frame and perforated aluminum sheeting. Customers can order the flat, rivet-free visible surfaces with different perforation patterns.

Photographer: LuminoxX Fotografie




Multiple family dwelling "Am Riedbrunnen"


Nagold, Germany

Solar shading solution

Pantograph shutter


zweib Architektur