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A modern building in the heart of the historic city, Monnaie Gouverneurs

At the foot of the Pyrenees, on the Atlantic coastline, Bayonne enjoys an exceptional geographical setting. Famed for the beauty of its wonderfully restored century-old houses, and boasting a rich heritage, this cultural capital of the Basque Country claims international renown for its festive atmosphere, sporting tradition and fine food.

The Monnaie Gouverneurs residence has been built right in the historic heart of Bayonne, in front of the Château-Vieux, between the Cathedral and its cloister, the City Hall, the theatre and the covered market.

The architect responsible for the Monnaie Gouverneurs has contributed to this movement by creating a quarter where modernism, heritage and history combine to form a balanced whole.

The Monnaie Gouverneurs is a residence certified as meeting Very High Energy Performance standards (VHEP: compliance with overall energy performance criteria stricter than the regulatory requirements).

Griesser’s Sliding and Folding Shutters, model H Wood, fit perfectly into the outside design and meet the building requirements, combining style and technical prowess with a quality material, wood.

The need to achieve energy savings, and abundant natural light, are combined with an authentic architectural design, respectful of Bayonne’s history, to provide bright apartments featuring high luminosity.

In this approach, Griesser’s Sliding and Folding Shutters, selected by the architect, also meet needs for thermal and visual comfort.



Monnaie Gouverneurs


Bayonne, France

Solar shading solution

Sliding bi-fold shutters
Sliding shutters


Adam Yedid – Beauftragter Architekt, Isabelle Joly – Partnerarchitektin, B.E.T.S. Structure, Ingebat, EEC Economistes


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