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Griesser and weinor have a long history together. In 1991, the Griesser Group acquired a majority stake in weinor, laying the foundations for a strong and globally active partnership.


Exclusive from Griesser: Pantograph shutters, Kornhaus Romanshorn

The Griesser pantograph shutters are unique. Unlike conventional window shutters, they can adopt different opening angles. As a motorized and controlled solar shading solution, pantograph shutters therefore allow the optimum amount of daylight into the building while at the same time protecting against glare. The individual shutter blades move horizontally and parallel to one another. In comparison to vertical solar shading, pantograph shutters can therefore be adjusted even more effectively according to the position of the sun.

Above all, horizontal solar shading in the half-open position creates an exceptional atmosphere. Available in a wide range of versions, the panels create an attractive play of light and shadow in the room. A particular highlight in this regard is the S-L model, for which customers can define their own gaps in the aluminum plate.

Pantograph shutters are an eye-catcher from the outside too. They are aesthetically pleasing with a modern design and can give any building shell a distinctive look or blend in perfectly with the facade, thanks to a wide range of design possibilities. With regard to the choice of colors, Griesser satisfies every wish. In addition to the standard aluminum and wood, the panel fillings are also available in expanded metal, fabric and facade panels.

With their versatility, pantograph shutters can be used in any situation. They are ideal for large window facades, for example, as well as for glazed corner solutions. Locations exposed to the wind are not a problem for pantograph shutters. The solar shading has passed all the tests for the EC Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the new EN13659 standard, and can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h, depending on the version. In the endurance test, the pantograph shutters completed twice the required 10,000 operating cycles without any problem. This robust and patented solar shading system is exclusive to Griesser.




Kornhaus Romanshorn


Romanshorn, Switzerland

Solar shading solution

Pantograph shutter


Andreas Hermann AG, Kreuzlingen


Implenia Schweiz AG, Frauenfeld