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Griesser and weinor have a long history together. In 1991, the Griesser Group acquired a majority stake in weinor, laying the foundations for a strong and globally active partnership.


Elegant Griesser accents in downtown Ulm, Commercial and residential building

High quality pantograph shutters from Griesser

The modern commercial and residential building at Gideon-Bacher-Strasse 3 in Ulm city center fits seamlessly into the surrounding cityscape in terms of both form and color. Comprising three structures, the building is nevertheless an eye-catcher as some 424 Griesser pantograph shutters dominate the facade, lending it a distinctive character.

The building was designed by the Braunger Wörtz architectural office. By calling on the pantograph shutters from Griesser, the architects opted for the design icon of window shutters. The solar shading is an aesthetic highlight not only on the facade, but inside the building too. The different opening angles and the meshing in the paneling create an exceptionally attractive play of light and shadow in the rooms. The architects chose the popular Sentum Slim model, boasting a stylish expanded metal profile. The colors create a particular style: The pantograph shutters are coated in a bronze shade while the rails and screens are in an elegant deep-matte structure.

Thanks to their horizontal movement, the individual wings follow the precise position of the sun. As a motorized and controlled solar shading solution, the pantograph shutters ensure that the occupants enjoy the optimum amount of natural light at all times. This high-quality product is exclusive to Griesser and is the first window shutter system that actively controls daylight. It also impresses with its robustness. The pantograph shutters can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h.



Commercial and residential building


Ulm, Germany

Solar shading solution

Pantograph shutter


Braunger Wörtz Architekten