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La Citadelle - a unique project linking Strasbourg’s city and harbor, Commercial and residential building

Citadelle Dock-1 is the centerpiece of the new Deux-Rives development in Strasbourg, France, and is the first element in an extensive redesign of the city’s Citadelle harbor district. Extending over more than 6,500 square meters, Citadelle Dock-1 is a mixed-use development providing 88[PD1] apartments above a 432-space parking garage. And its architecture has been specifically designed to meet a range of living wishes and needs and environmental demands.

The project and the district take their name from the nearby Parc de la Citadelle. With its firm accents on both robustness and sustainability, Citadelle Dock-1 fits harmoniously into its local harbor surroundings. And at a height of 28.5 meters and with recesses on its north and south sides, it also offers truly panoramic views.

The unique project further uses more than 300 Griesser solar shading products, including 134 Solomatic venetian blinds and 172 Reno Integro rolling shutters, all in RAL 7022 Umbra Grey. With their timeless design, the Solomatic venetian blinds permit optimum control of the daylight entering the building; and the Reno Integro rolling shutters fit seamlessly and almost invisibly into the facade. The self-supporting system with provision for a plaster base ensured swift and simple installation.

The choice of Griesser solar shading solutions for Citadelle Dock-1 not only underlines the project’s strong commitment to quality and functionality: it also confirms its endeavors to create a unique overall appearance and aesthetic that have already made this building a genuine highlight of the Strasbourg architectural scene.

Photographs no. 1 & 2: Aldo Amoretti
Photographs no. 3, 4, 5: Guillaume Perret



Commercial and residential building


Strasbourg, France

Solar shading solution

Reno Integro


Lucquet architectes, Dietrich Untertrifaller architectes