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Griesser and weinor have a long history together. In 1991, the Griesser Group acquired a majority stake in weinor, laying the foundations for a strong and globally active partnership.


Fitted with traditional swinging shutters by Griesser, City Hall of the municipality of Eckersdorf

The historical city hall in Eckersdorf, built in 1830 and now protected as a site of historical interest, was fitted with traditional swinging shutters by Griesser.

The suitable model was defined in collaboration with our partner company in order to comply with all of the criteria for historical preservation.

The choice for the building fell on swinging shutters with fixed slats, which is typical for the Upper Franconian region. Our Model A has a high-quality aluminum extrusion profile and also scores because of its very good stability.

In order to maintain the character of the building, the color choice was also important. The closest to the old window shutters was determined to be RAL 5014.

The decision for our "SystemFix" meant a very simple and advantageous quick-installation system. This was a clear time-saver for our distributor and led to a more cost beneficial installation. Some of the clamps had to be replaced with new ones. And instead of the lady's head, the retention element is now an easy-to-use convenience casement holder which is pre-installed at the factory. In the exact same way, we also attached the shutter middle lock to the panels in the factory. This made installation at the site rapid and it fit exactly.

Our sales representatives are glad to be of service for first-time measurements and training of installation personnel on site. That made it possible to execute this project seamlessly as well.




City Hall of the municipality of Eckersdorf


Eckersdorf, Germany

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