Project SolAce

Griesser joins forces with NEST and EPFL Lausanne

NEST & SolAce Unit

NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies), a project initiated by Empa, a research institute, offers a wide range of partners – including researchers from universities, architectural studios and innovative companies – a platform which supports the development of energy-efficient solutions.

Griesser AG is also joining this network to collaborate with EPFL Lausanne in the SolAce Unit, which deals with building envelopes and the associated absorption of solar energy and daylight. The objective is to ensure the optimum transfer of heat and daylight in living and working spaces by means of various innovative objects in order to create a positive energy balance.

Griesser Grinotex Sinus slats and the KNX control in action

The researchers are developing a sensor for the real-time monitoring of the lighting conditions in an office environment using the Griesser master control KNX as well as Grinotex Sinus slats. These slats not only create a pleasant ambiance but are also particularly effective because their curved shape directs light rays to the ceiling.

For further information about the project, please visit the project website.


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