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Griesser and weinor have a long history together. In 1991, the Griesser Group acquired a majority stake in weinor, laying the foundations for a strong and globally active partnership.


Griesser Soloscreen: a perfect blend of function and design

For their new construction in Grenoble, Milk Architectes opted for a solar shading solution that is not only effective but is highly stylish, too.

The new Griesser Soloscreen facade awnings that grace the new headquarters of Cuynat Construction in Grenoble (France) serve as a genuine eye-catcher. The colorful highlights aren’t just a perfect visual fit with the building’s rough-concrete finish: they’re an ideal complement, too, to its minimalist architectural style.

The top two floors of the new building accommodate workplaces for the company’s employees, while the space on the two floors below can be rented by start-ups for their labs or smaller production facilities. The building’s Soloscreen awnings ensure a pleasant working environment throughout by protecting the interiors from heat and solar rays. As a result, the building has no need for additional air conditioning in the summer months – which enhances both its energy efficiency and its sustainability credentials.

Soloscreen has long been a popular classic among solar shading solutions, because it fits so well into any architectural style – into new modern constructions and traditional older houses alike. Whether they serve as an integral component or an eye-catching addition, Soloscreen’s vertical awnings will enhance any style and meet any need. Its various system elements can also be individually combined, and are available in a vast range of forms and colors – both the metal components and the fabrics, which cover the full spectrum of customer and contextual requirements from blackout to transparent. The system motors, too, are offered in four different versions.

Following a comprehensive product redesign, the Soloscreen of today is even more wind-resilient, and can effortlessly handle light winds, too. It can also be newly deployed for larger facade areas. As always, Griesser has put a firm accent on sustainability in this further product development: the drop slats, for instance, are weighted not with metal but with sand. Soloscreen has also earned EPD environmental product declarations and FDES sustainability certificates from a number of independent institutions.