Change in management in the Griesser Group

Change at the head: Walter Strässle passes the position of CEO of Griesser to Urs Neuhauser and is Chairman of the Board of Directors since May.

After 28 years, Walter Strässle, the previous CEO and co-owner, will hand over operational management of the brand. Walter Strässle has been Chairman of the Board of Directors since May and actively manages the strategic alignment of the brand. His focus is on promoting innovation and expanding business areas.

New CEO: Urs Neuhauser

Urs Neuhauser has been responsible for various business units in the construction industry for the past seven years as a member of the Group Management of Jansen AG, Switzerland. Under his leadership, new markets were developed, businesses strengthened and innovations implemented. Urs Neuhauser will now contribute his experience as the new Griesser CEO and continually develop the brand forwards.


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