Terraces and Garden

We create your favorite spots.

With our patio roofs and awnings we create new favorite spots and give you more time outdoors.

Glass patio roof

The glass patio roof Terrazza / Terrazza Pure is the permanent option for expanding your living spaces into the outdoors. Even if the weather is unpredictable, when it rains, you can still sit outside with this solid glass patio roof. Barbecue parties can happen from spring all the way through autumn under this patio roof.

Sonne Wind Regen Schnee

Pergola louvered roof

PergoTwist - the pergola with a louvered roof. The progressively adjustable slats not only allow refreshing air to circulate naturally, they also offer the best protection from any kind of weather. When they are closed, the slats keep the rain out and direct it to the rain channels in the support structure.

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Textile patio roof

The textile patio roof Plaza Viva provides a lovely ambiance. When the sun becomes too intense, or wind comes up, the extendable textile roof offers protection.

Sonne Wind

The flexible folding roof transforms terraces into outdoor living rooms with Mediterranean flair. Like the roof of a convertible, undiluted sun can be enjoyed when it is folded up. When it is extended, it delivers impermeable protection from light and UV rays. And, as rain protection, it can keep even the strongest downpours at bay.

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Awnings for every need

Whether it be a small balcony or a large patio, we have the right solution. The cassette awning Cassita Cassita is ideal for smaller and mid-size patios. With its flat cassette, it protects the fabric and the technology against wind and weather. Opal Design was conceived for larger surface areas. And it sets accents with its attractively shaped cassette. For example, if there is an overhead balcony protecting the awning from the weather, the open awning Topas can be installed and enjoyed.