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Smart Home centrally controls and monitors domestic installations such as lighting and heating technology as well as security installations. And if you so desire, this can be done independently and reliably to ensure optimum quality of living, energy efficiency and security for both you and your home. Griesser provides you with different systems which can be combined to create a comfortable, efficient and reliable all-in-one network. We create the right solution according to your needs.


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Overview Smart Home with Griesser



In this day and age where cars can park on their own and robots mow your lawn, it would seem reasonable to think that a house could control most of the comfort, security and energy efficiency functions automatically. Griesser is your competent expert partner for all things solar shading. For all other functionalities, Loxone is there for you to provide assistance and advice.

KNX Control

KNX Control

The KNX solar shading control system is an integrated master control with extensive functionality for buildings of any size. With proven functions such as solar tracking and horizon limitation, it meets even the highest standards for solar shading control systems.


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