Energy & Climate

Save Energy with Intelligent Solar Shading.

More than 40% of the energy consumption in Europe can be attributed to building construction and use. Heating and energy costs can be reduced through the use of solar shading systems. Used correctly, an automated solar shading system can lower energy requirements by 20%.

Effectiveness in Summer

In summer, when the sun is shining and temperatures are high, the external venetian blinds, facade awnings, rolling shutters and window shutters really are worth their weight in gold, as these can reduce cooling energy by up to 24%.

During the day, the dynamic solar shading prevents rooms from heating up, meaning 90% of the heat remains outside and rooms stay comfortably cool – all without the need for an air-conditioning system. At night, this cool air then serves to maintain an ambient temperature.

Effectiveness in Winter

Up to 16% of heating energy can be saved over the winter months. While the warmth of the sun radiates into rooms during the day, this solar energy serves to heat up the building free of charge. The solar shading can then be used in the evening as a thermal insulation system: This works by closing all of the blinds at the end of the day to minimize the extent to which the building cools down overnight.


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